Don’t be an Unmotivated Turd.

Yes. If that title drew you in, then you need to hear this as much as I do. The last couple weeks have been tough. I’ve been slacking in my eating and that needs to stop now!

I only have TWO weeks left before my purple hair appointment and I have goals! Life gets crazy. I’m the queen of the hot messes and I have to tell myself often that I CAN’T DO EVERYTHING.  Yes. I can’t do it all. No matter how hard I try, there are just not enough hours in the day.

I have been so blessed to have a good business right now, but guess what? Running a business takes up a lot of time and when I put 100% in it, I have no time for me.

I have 4 kids and they are involved in a lot! It’s great for them to be involved in things, but guess what? When I run them all over the place, the time I need to cook a healthy meal goes away.

I have a wonderful husband who supports us and is amazing at his job, but guess what? The Army doesn’t always let him be here to help me out. (Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot I can fix about this one)

BUT there are ways that I can fix other stresses in my life to make sure I’m putting my priorities in order!

So here’s the first fix…I hired help.

Yes. I have cleaning ladies that come and clean my house because I’m playing the role of a working solo parent right now and housework is not a strong quality of mine or a priority.

Yes. I just hired two amazing ladies to help me out with my business. If I want my business to continue to be awesome, I need to let control of some things and let them help me. Sitting on the computer all day long is not a priority right now.

Yes. I only let my kids be involved in one big extra thing a season because running four kids to a million events is hard! Is it unfair? Maybe to them, but will they live? Absolutely! It also makes them start to think about what is priority to them! Do they want to do multiple things and only give each thing a little effort or do they want to excel and put 100% into what they want the most?

Yes. I HAVE to MAKE TIME for myself. This means I will schedule gym time into my daily calendar every morning because it’s a priority.

Yes. I may have to do grocery pick up if it means I’m not going to buy junk because I was just strolling through isles with no plans because health is a priority to me.

No, I can’t do it all but I can do what it important to me and to my family. As moms we often think that we have to do it all. That we are less of a mother or a woman if we ask for help and admit defeat, but guess what? YOU ARE NOT LESS! If you can understand when you need help, that makes you the best person that you can be.

Let’s also stop telling ourselves we just don’t have time for things. Instead, ask yourself…is it important? Is it a priority? I promise you, if you answer yes…you will MAKE TIME!

So stop being that unmotivated turd and get things done. If it’s not a priority to you, ask for help or just forget it for a while. Chances are “it” (whatever it is) will be there when your priorities change.