Stupid Yoga.

Back at the beginning of the summer last year, our gym introduced the Zumba class. I really hadn’t gotten to know many of the people there yet but I decided to try it out. I really enjoy Zumba but then our instructor (who is awesome, by the way) decided to start doing half Zumba and half yoga.

Now let me tell you how I felt about yoga back in June…

I was not even close to being flexible and I’m overweight….and I’m supposed to do these bendy moves?! Um…I don’t think so. I will also say that back in the summer I was dealing with the pre-deployment stress and probably didn’t have the best attitude either. So I kind of just gave up. I made excuses because I really didn’t want to do yoga. I told myself it wasn’t what I needed and I was better off walking the treadmill at home. (Which I did not do.)

Once my husband left, I tried to make more of an effort but it was Fall season and I’m a photographer so there was that. But I did my best to start coming back on Tuesday and Thursdays. THEN January came and ufit started. I was determined to make the most out of it…that meant going Tuesday and Thursday whether I liked it or not.

Two months later and only 1 missed class….I am now thinking maybe…just maybe…it’s not so bad. We don’t always do yoga. Our instructor tries to do at least one of the days with more Zumba than stretching. But I don’t secretly say horrible words in my head during the yoga part anymore. The more weight I lose and the longer I practice, the better at the stretches I get. I really feel like it does benefit me, especially on days where the weights are heavy.

If you’re looking for a mix of Zumba and Yoga, you should come join us! We are a small group, but it’s so much fun! Go check out Pure Fitness on Facebook and see if it might be a good fit for you.

If I can learn to embrace it, you can too!

ps- it’s really not stupid 😉