Hello and Welcome!

If this is your first time here, welcome! I’m so happy that you are here.

If you are reading this first, hello…my name is Jamie! I am the owner/photographer with Precious Stones Photography! Following the Boots is a personal project created as an extension to my business to help inspire, motivate, and bring joy to mamas everywhere! If you’re looking for more information about me, go check out the About Me page!

In this community, I hope that there will be something for everyone!

Are you a military spouse? If so, here is what you might find here:

  • tips on how to move with a small business
  • find a photographer at your new location
  • deployment survival (it all starts with wine….just kidding….maybe)
  • how to balance your life as a military spouse, mom, and business owner

Not a military spouse? This is for everyone!

  • follow my fitness journey
  • find recipes and see what motivates me
  • join in with my challenges
  • find local places to workout and join
  • Of course…this is also a mom blog…I’ve been told my kids are hilarious, so I’ll be sharing some of that too!

You might even find things in the military part that apply to you. Moving and being a single parent have many similarities of the military life. My goal is for this to turn into a community that gives you resources to help you in your every day life. Being a mom is hard, but you got this!

Since I’m a photographer, we will end on a little slide show of the 4 people that inspired me to create this! Enjoy!


Until next time…